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On Fri, 2007-12-28 at 23:32 -0600, Les Mikesell wrote:
> Craig White wrote:

> >> OK, there's this thing called the internet, where you can get things 
> >> from other places - places that are willing to distribute them.
> > ----
> > yeah...why don't you complain to them?
> Them?  Fedora is the one that ships something that isn't java that 
> executes when you type 'java'.
I guess I missed the post where you found something that didn't work
because of their GCJ version.
> >> How about one that respects both other companies licenses and their own 
> >> users?  As in making Sun java work when installed?
> > ----
> > Isn't that Sun's job? There isn't a Sun java package available from any
> > Fedora package/respin/repository that I am aware of.
> Sun's java works, but if you install it and type java, something else 
> will run.  That's fedora's fault.
not if you run
alternatives --config java # and set it to Sun's installation

not if you set the proper environment variables such as
CLASSPATH/JAVA_HOME/JRE_HOME or simply put the java binary in your $PATH

Too bad that Sun's instructions for doing these things are vague or
> > I don't know about Windows's not very popular you know and I am
> > not rushing out to get it myself. If Sun's Windows 64 bit version works
> > properly, it would be one of the few software packages that does.
> Does anything work on Windows?  I meant Solaris as the comparison.
Ah...well since Sun controls both Solaris and their Java, it would be
amusing if they didn't work together. With Solaris, you also get ZFS but
on the other hand, you get a ridiculously ancient perl-5.6 because they
don't want to break backwards compatibility. This is an imperfect world
we live in.


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