How to get "du -sk *" to work sensibly

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I always used to use the command "du -sk *" to get a quick indication
of where all my disk space was going.

Now, because I have a few slow external filesystems mounted, it no
longer works in a finite time and I can't see how to get it to skip
the slow file systems.

If I "cd /" and give the command "du -skx *" it *doesn't* skip the
mounted filesystems because they're mounted on root directories.  E.g.

    home# du -sk *
    83266088        a2
    53643968        backup
    6448    bin
    14009   boot
    4       cd
    200     dev
    121800  etc

/a2 is actually a mount point for another file system and the next
one, /freecom, never gets displayed because it's too slow.

The -X option doesn't work either because it excludes files, not

So how can I get an idea of the size of the various directories on my
root file system?  There seems no easy way.

Chris Green

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