Re: How to correctly write a video DVD from MPEG-2 files

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Richard Shaw wrote:
> Are you sure that the files are fully MPEG2 compliant? If you play with
> something like mplayer from the command line does the video and audio
> codec's it says it's using seem correct?

On my laptop, mplayer has a problem with the AC3 audio (not compiled
in), so I can see the video, but not listen to the audio.  I think the
installed version came from livna.  (that's the version that came
shipped with the laptop.)  Totem seems to have no problems playing both
audio and video though.

On my desktop/server machine, it plays the audio and the video just
fine.   (for some reason, I'm running the ATRPMs version on my home
server.  Maybe because its also the MythTV server.)

Can't install the ATRPMs version on the FC6 laptop.  That'll have to
wait until I upgrade the FC6.i386 to F8.x86_64.  Probably some time
after the new year.

Whether the files are strict MPEG-2, I can't tell you.  The file command
seems to think they are some flavor of MPEG-2:

> MPEG sequence, v2, program multiplex

> Richard

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