Re: livna FC7 169.07 update problems.

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Sergey Katalichenka wrote:
: Does any one else has a problem updating to the latest nvidia drivers
: from livna?


: file /lib/modules/ from install of
: kmod-nvidia-169.07- conflicts with file from package
: kmod-nvidia-100.14.19-

Yes, I had the same problem earlier today.

Others have already remarked on it, including the remark that if you
have several older kernels then you need to keep the kmod-nvidia
packages for those kernels around if you ever want to boot off them
and run X.

This case is different, however.  Notice that the kernel (
is _the same_ for both the old -100.14.19-1 module and the new -169.07-1.

So the problem appears to be that the nvidia.ko file from the old
package conflicts with the new one in (the same) /lib/modules

I don't know why the update didn't just replace the old with new.  As
I recall when I did the update today, the kmod-nvidia package appeared
in the yum "to be installed" list, not the "to be updated" list.  That
may have something to do with it.

At all events, what I did was to temporarily setup yum/rpm to
repackage and save erased packages. I then did 

'yum erase kmod-nvidia-100.14.19-' 

which recreated the .rpm and saved it away (just in case :-).  Then I
installed the new package w/o any errors.  I haven't tested the new
module much but X and KDE (dual head) rebooted just fine and I've not
had any problems (FYI).


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