Re: FC8 - time synchronization

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David Hough napsal(a):
On Tue, 2007-12-25 at 23:56 +0100, jan sonnek wrote:
I have Asus F3F, FC8 a my time is still late. I synchronize it with $ ntpdate -s and time is ok. When I switch off my notebook and switch on later, my time is 10 - 60 minutes late. How you any clue?
Thank you,

Are you correctly synchronising the HW clock when you shut down? And
correctly setting local time from it when you power up again? The other
possibility is that the battery maintaining the internal clock when
otherwise powered down needs replacing.

If you leave the machine powered up does it keep good time?
Thank you. It is strange. I synchronized clock, when I start PC, for example after 12 hours it is 20 minutes late. I will observe it and then write you exactly data. My collegue have with Asus notebook the same problem.

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