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Rick Stevens wrote:
On Thu, 2007-12-20 at 09:26 +1000, david walcroft wrote:
Mikkel L. Ellertson wrote:
John Cornelius wrote:
I suppose that adding:

bpalogin.*   /var/log/bpalogin/messages

to /etc/syslog.conf would be too easy but it might do it for you. It
should go before the omnibus line that sends *.info to /var/log/messages.

I don't believe this will work with syslogd. It may work with some
of the newer replacements. You may want to read the syslog.conf man
page to see the formats that it accepts.

I find that I don't have a 'syslog.conf' in /etc/ and no man syslog,conf.
Ah!  F8 uses rsyslogd instead of ye ol' syslogd.  The config file
is /etc/rsyslog.conf.

Your fix is easier with rsyslogd.  Add a line like:

	:bpalogin, contains, "bpalogin"	/path/to/desired/log/file

Then "service rsyslogd restart".

I found out the service command is "service rsyslog  restart"


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