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Sivanageswararao Takkellapati wrote:
Gene Heskett:
Which os you need install in your system. Pl help me how to enable sound card in FC2 ASAP.
Try Fedora 8 OS.

Siva, Fedora Core 2 is not supported anymore, officially. The current releases of Fedora are Fedora 7 and Fedora 8. The best way to fix your problem is to update to the latest Fedora release. You can obtain Fedora 8 from Download an ISO, burn it to a DVD and install it on your computer. Fedora 8 will most likely detect your sound card. I also recommend you to read more about Fedora at

Antonio Montagnani wrote:
Sivanageswararao Takkellapati ha scritto / said the following il giorno/on 13/12/2007 08:31:
This is siva. My system is Dell Optiplex GX280. Operating system is Linux Fedora Core2. My problem is sound card detected but sound is not play what is the problem.
sound card: snd-intel8x0.  What can i do Pl help me ASAP.


Gene Heskett wrote:
very easy answer: update to most recent Fedora(I am running same hardware with no issue...)
And please do not other threads.

Thanks and regards,

Sudheer Satyanarayana

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