Problem with random disks mount sequence

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Hello there,

running a Fedora 8.. since I don't know when, my root partition is
randomly mounted as /dev/sda3 or /dev/sdc3. This breaks the mount
possibilities from within Nautilus, as it seems to be a complete mess
w/ detected devices (or remembered?) devices.

It's a D810 laptop, w/ a SATA disk (usually sda, root sda3 and labelled
as '/' and swap as SWAP-sda4, sda1 and sda2 being NTFS). When I boot
the laptop w/ some USB disks connected (labelled storage3 and
storage4), I'll get random mount sequences. At the beginning the USB
disks were sdb and sdc and could be mounted w/o problem from Nautilus.
But I recently reboot and found that this has changed -> root is sdc3
and one of the external USB disks is now sda1.
/ and swap partitions are in fstab, storage3 and storage4 aren't.

If that doesn't prevent the system from running fine, from within
Nautilus, I can't mount the external USB disk anymore, it seems that
nautilus remember that 'storage3' was 1st partition, but now it tries
to mount /dev/sda1, and fails w/: NTFS signature missing..

Any clues how I could get a fixed mounting sequence? Should I force a
specific device (/dev/sdc1) for the labelled partition 'storage3' for
instance (and how)? How can it be that the / partition doesn't get the
1st /dev/sdX assignment?



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