Re: Fedora 8: ipw2200 firmware error when back after a short while of inactivity (D810)

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On Dec 7, 2007 2:58 AM, wwp <[email protected]> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I've noticed a weird thing since I've upgraded to kernel
> After at least ~30 seconds of inactivity (being away from keyboard or
> focus set to a running VMWare guest system), when I come back to the
> desktop and shake the mouse, this happens in /var/log/messages:
> ..
> kernel: ipw2200: Firmware error detected.  Restarting.
> ..
> And this is encountered from a user point of view:
> - the wifi led of my Dell D810 laptop goes off then on again
> - keyboard and mouse events are lost during 1-3 seconds
> - there's a peak of CPU consumption according to the system monitor applet
> I think I've found what causes the problem: if I uncheck "Dim display
> when idle" in the Power Management Preferences, the problem goes away.
> Does that make sense? What's this "idle" event and what timeout?
> Few more facts:
> - I didn't observe this issue with kernel Neither w/ an
>   up-to-date FC5 (before I've installed this Fedora 8).
> - I can reproduce this behaviour w/ the latest kernel available whenever
>   I want.
> - I tried disabling eth1 (the wireless one) but no change.
> - I don't get those firmware errors if I don't go away at least 25-30sec.
> - I can use this wifi-based eth1 w/o noticeable problems if it's enabled.
> - My power saving prefs are NOT set to do anything before 15 minutes.
> - The Brightness applet is not able to detect my LID status nor to change
>   its brightness (I do that using blue fn keys). Other power management
>   related statuses are detected and managed OK (battery, cpu, thermal).
> (lspci -vv attached, you'll see that it's a 2915 device)
> Anyone gets or understands this?
> Regards,
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> wwp
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Hi wwp!

For your sake I hope others better than this beaten up "mature" man.
This is a hobby for me.

What I have found is that if you Google "kernel: ipw2200: Firmware
error detected.  Restarting" you get a lot of bug hits.  One tutorial
I ran into doing some "additional parameter Googlling" (added "fedora"
to the search) is:

Which seems to bring up most issues I hit and some ways to find and
manage them.  It is a bit dated however.

Good Hunting!


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