Re: Hardware control wireless switch on Thinkpad with Madwifi drivers

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On 07/12/2007, Debian Abuser <[email protected]> wrote:
>  Hello everyone:
>  Since I upgraded to Fedora 8 I notice battery life of my ThinkPad T61
> strongly reduced. Even with the 9-cell battery I rarely go over 4,5hrs of
> life compared to 7+ hrs before; Naturally, I started "hunting" for the cause
> of this. What I discovered is that the wireless is permanently on,
> regardless if the hardware switch on the front of the laptop is ON or OFF.
> Strangely enough, the Bluetooth is responsive to flipping the switch.

At least you still have your wireless device 802.11x recognised by
lspci. Mine has completely gone missing but bluetooth is responsive (
recognised as a USB device ) to the laptop's "wireless switch" which
is in front of the laptop. Not sure why this is yet and am running F7.

Both bluetooth and 802.11g are Broadcom devices.


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