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Mike wrote:
Claude Jones wrote:
subject says it all
Does any one know of such a package? Drag and drop would be nice - looking for a simple package to encrypt and password protect selectable files and folders
I searched for something similar (had to be open source and cross 
platform) about a year ago and the only thing I found was Truecrypt 
It doesn't fit your description exactly but may be useable.  I don't 
think they have an RPM available for Fedora leaving you to compile from 
source.  You have to recompile upon kernel upgrades too...
-- Mike

I found a site that makes rpms of TrueCrypt.  I wish it could be 
included in the extras.  I had a pain getting all the source files to 
compile TrueCrypt.


I was informed by one of our IT staff that there is now a way to get Ubuntu to encrypt home directories through synaptic. I may have to move to Ubuntu for this.
I want my whole Hard drive encrypted as well as user level encryption. 
I have done some reading about fuse and dm-crypt but have not had time 
to test.
There are some howtos around on doing this.

Robin Laing

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