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Arijit Sarkar wrote:
For the past one year (almost) I am into Linux world. I used Ubuntu and then Debian on my desktop before. Recently I've installed Fedora 8 into my laptop after hearing lots of good things about it. And I found that in many cases Fedora 8 is better than Ubuntu 7.04 (frank opinion). No matter how "easy to use" ubuntu methods are, I found some interesting learning curves/excitements in Fedora. So I choose Fedora for my lenovo N3000.
Now, while using /debian/, I learned about its /testing, unstable/
branches. Later I successfully switched to "/Testing/" (currently
'/lenny/') and quite happy to use that. Since it's a home PC, I don't
mind if sometimes few things break and I've wait for few days for the
Does Fedora has three branches like debian - /stable, testing,
unstable/ ? I guess "rawhide" is like "testing" in debian. Am I correct?
In debian, people thinks that 'testing' distribution is almost usable
for day-to-day use. Can rawhide be used for the same? Is
'debian-testing' and 'fedora-rawhide' comparable?
Can I install a /rawhide /for my laptop? Can you suggest the move to
'rawhide' fedora install.
Well Fedora 8 is the newest Fedora and it could be called "testing". It has been one of the best versions in terms of few real "bugs". There will be Fedora 9 in about 4 months from now. So you see Fedora is in constant testing, so that the business Red Hat Linux is stable.
 You can go to rawhide and run some of the new applications if
wanted. But there will be lots of Updates that fix the bugs.
   So if you do not mind a changing system welcome home!


	Karl F. Larsen, AKA K5DI
	Linux User

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