Re: Fedora-8 upgrade - waiting for Godot

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Timothy Murphy escribió:
The wiki page at
says, re the Upgrade Hang bug,
"New CD boot images (boot.iso) will be available in the near future".

As the entry is not dated, it is not clear
when the "near future" will occur.
In any case, since it does not tell you
where this new CD boot image will appear
it is not very useful information.

I have personally left everything down, and will not upgrade to F8 until I see new DVD images. I'll update a FC6 to F7 y just sit down and wait.

It's been quite frustrating this BUG and I see very little activity going on in the bugtrack thats related to this bug:

Maybe I should look at whats going on in the anaconda-list to see how the fix is progressing.

At the moment, I'm quite annoyed.

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