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On Mon, 26 Nov 2007 21:37:07 -0800
Tod Merley <[email protected]> wrote:

> 2. If the unit is not on a UPS, see if you can borrow one.  Power
> problems can be time related.  For instance, if that is the time a
> local farmer chooses to start his irrigation pumps it could cause a
> voltage "sag" or spike which makes your computer freeze.

Every day at around 11am (plus or minus 20 minutes or so), my "best" UPS beeps.
I don't see anything happen to the lights, and none of the other UPS's do
anything, but I always hear a beep at about 11am.

The chap who is the supervisor for the local Sask Power division was waiting in
my lobby for his kids one night, and I asked him if anything happens on the
Sask Power lines at 11am.  He said that they have an automatic load sensing
device that switches a transformer from one mode to another and the load always
reaches the point that it's set for at around 11am.

So that mystery was solved.

MELVILLE THEATRE ~ Melville Sask ~

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