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Vivek J. Patankar wrote:
Mike Chalmers wrote:
Years ago there was this paper written by a man who lost his job
because he wrote the paper. The paper was an uproar in the Linux
community. I cannot remember but I think that the paper was about why
Microsoft is wrong, among other things concerning Microsoft.

Can anyone tell me where I can find this paper please, it is pretty
important that I find it? I know this is the Fedora list, but I don't
know where else to post on it where I can get a good response.
What you are referring to are probably the famous "Halloween Documents"
written by Vinod Valloppillil & Josh Cohen that were leaked from
Microsoft and ultimately wound up with Eric S Raymond who published
them. Link below

AFAIR, Vinod didn't lose his job because he wrote them. It was an assignment of his. He quit MS sometime after they were leaked.
I was thinking of other leaked papers, from when MS assessed the
feasibility of running Hotmail on Windows (I think it was on FreeBSD
when it bought it). That was pretty damning of Windows, and some of the
problems it highlighted have been addressed.


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