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Right, and you can install over NFS: put the iso image in a directory on a different Linux machine, export that directory over NFS, and then use the rescue CD to start the installation with. Specify "NFS image" as the installation type when you come to that screen.
You can do it over ftp too. I haven't done an ftp install in a while
You can also do it over VNC. I've only done that once and with an early
version of Fedora Core, probably 2 or 3. VNC-based installs seems
unnecssarily complicated to me.
Why bother burning DVD media, if you can do it over the network or on a
hard drive they way Jeff suggests?

Bob Cochran
Greenbelt, Maryland, USA

Jeff Krebs wrote:
I never burn the DVD image.

Rather, I only burn the rescue image.

Copy the DVD image to a partition that you won't need for installing, boot off the recue CD, tell the installer you want to install from a hard drive, and point the installer to the proper partition/folder.
You could even do this same type of install using an old clunker hard
drive. An old 4 gigger is perfect for the occasion.
Jeff Krebs

* Indra Dharmajaya ([email protected]) wrote:
Dear all,

Sorry for this dumb question. Since Fedora using DVD format, I can't install
Fedora anymore.

After I downloaded it and burn it to DVD  format, I check by showing the
content of it. I can see all the component and the DVD can boot up. (Fedora
It always stop during the phase of "where the source will be read". I choose
Local CDrom which actually an Asus DVD ROM .

Where did I made a mistake ?
Later on I always use Fedora 6 (CD version) which doesn't accomodate the new
version of hardware.

Please help



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