Re: Touchpad for Idiots?

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Geoffrey Leach wrote:
On 11/24/2007 06:49:50 PM, John Summerfield wrote:
Geoffrey Leach wrote:
I've recently discovered all of the wonderful configuration options that exist for my laptop's Synaptics touchpad. However, for the

part the description of the configuration options found in the man
make no sense to me.
What do you want to change? I have one, it scrolls and clicks ootb.
What else should it do? Apart from move the mouse pointer?
For example, what is "EdgeMotion"? I wanted to avoid asking for
particulars, because there's always another question. Judging from the
lack of response, the document that I'm looking for does not exist :-
(The (exhaustive) list of options is in synaptics(5).

When I move my finger around in and from the "middle" of the touchpad, the mouse cursor moves.
When I move my finger on the (user's) right side, the window scrolls.
EdgeMotion would be tuning that behaviour.
I can also tap, for mouse-clicks.

I don't know what else works on mine, I need to read the man page at the laptop.
I have a high-end ThinkPad R40 (as evidenced by its fittings), and also
has a three-button+joystick "ultranav" device.



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