Re: how do you force anaconda to use vesa?

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Jack Howarth wrote:
   Unfortunately, adding 'xdriver=vesa' to the kernel flags that the
installer uses doesn't help. I still find that anaconda probes the
Radeon X1650 Pro and then I get a black screen. The weird part is
that I can't seem to get to a virtual console after that happens.
I guess I'll be sitting Fedora 8 out since I don't really want to
mess with a text-based upgrade.

I am surprised that F8 seems so terrible for upgrading and is failing
more with particular hardware.
 If you are upgrading vs. a regular install, the text mode should work
fine. In an upgrade, you cannot select additional packages anyway. The
GUI is just going to show a few details.
I still have not burned the F8 installation disc that I downloaded. The
regressions are a shame.
linux xdriver=vesa
worked for F7. It must be that X thinks it can configure the display driver correctly and is ignoring the anaconda option, or the option was removed.

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