Re: Filesystems Not Mounting

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Let me clarify:
      At boot time when all of the entries in fstab are normally mounted,
      the duplicates in the fstab are not mounted. The duplicate entries
      are a result of the following:
         As an example, I entered a 'ls -ltr /usr/oracle' and a single line
         containing 0 was returned (it should have at least showed the
         lost+found directory entry).
         I then entered 'sudo mount -a'; and received many messages stating
         that there are missing mount points.
         As an example I entered 'sudo mkdir -p /usr/oracle'
         I then entered:  'sudo mount /dev/mapper/DBMSVG00-DBMSLV00
         /usr/oracle' (from my fstab entry)
         At this point is when I realized that there are now duplicate
         entries in fstab, however, /usr/oracle is available and usable.

I hope this clarifies my situation.

Gene Poole
[email protected]

Karl F. Larsen, AKA K5DI wrote:

>     I am not seeing what the problem is. You say IT all works fine on
> FC6. But you tried both F7 and F8 and you were not able to mount some
> file systems. Now where are these file systems now?
>      If they are on FC6 I should think you can cp -a from FC6 to F8 any
> file system you want.
>     You are talking about /etc/fstab and it has NOTHING to do with file
> systems. Fstab is used to connect whole partitions to a main part.
>     So please some details. Are you trying to move your Orical data base
> directories to F8? That will not work. Orical has files all over the FC6
> file system.

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