Re: How do i start a clean X? How do i change the default Login Manager?

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Mark wrote:
> 2007/11/18, Mikkel L. Ellertson <[email protected]>:
>> Mark wrote:
>>> Hey,
>>> Question 1:
>>> i wanted to test out some thing s in fedora and for that i need to
>>> start X without gnome or kde or anything. just X and nothing more.
>> This is not easy, as the scripts that start X also tray hard to find
>> a desktop or window manager. It they can not find one, they default
>> to starting an xterm. Depending on what you are trying to do, xnest
>> may work for you. If we knew what you were trying to test, we might
>> have a better suggestion for you.
> Oke. X with a xterm is perfect.
> What i want to test is start firefox in:
> X11
> Gnome
> and Openbox
Install switchdesk - it will let you change your window manager/desktop.

> than i want to determine where the resizing of windows is starting to
> get slow and than do some further research to find the cause. So how
> do i start a X with just xterm? when i run: "startx" than i'm just
> getting the default login manager
This is harder, as I have never had to do it. You may want to take a
look at the /etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc script. It looks like you could
create a .Xclients file in your home directory, and have it launch
xterm, or whatever program you want.

>>> Question 2:
>>> I tried to change the default login manager from GDM to KDM (just to
>>> test other login managers) but i can't find where to change those
>>> settings.. so where can i change that?
>> I don't remember the GUI that does it, but you can set it in
>> /etc/sysconfig/desktop. If the file is empty, you can add:
>> You can also set the default desktop in the same file.
> Ad how would that work if i want ot set it to SLiM? (
> and that file is not existing.. is there a file with the defaults
> somewhere? must be.. X isn't getting GDM out of thin air.
Take a look at the /etc/X11/prefdm script. This is what controls the
display manager selection. It looks like the script will accept any
display manager you set. The script also handles the case where you
do not have a display manager set.


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