RE: Boot hangs at UDEV

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> After having installed F8 last night, I finally got my reboot ;)
> surprise, surprise, everything booting, grub coming up, nash 
> and so on, LVM recognizing partitions, next step would be 
> starting UDEV...
> waiting, drinking coffee, no UDEV, waiting one hour 
> patiently...still waiting.
> Finally i gave up last night.
> What can this be? Is this know?
> I use F8 on a HP Notebook XT1000, which was no problem with 
> F7. Where do i have to search? Or is this a known issue?

I have a similar problem with and Intel DG965WH motherboard with over 4G
Passing the boot parameter mem=4G fixes the problem, but now I'm not using
all my RAM.

Regards John

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