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Tom Horsley wrote:
Why don't you just have ONE boot partition?
Surely that is the norm if one is running different systems.
I have a single boot partition that is basically just a
grub partition. The only thing I have in the grub menu is
a batch of chainloader specs to go boot the other operating
systems I have in their own independent partitions (when
installing grub on them, I use whatever advanced option is
needed to tell it to install in the boot partition, NOT the

This works out very nicely because doing things like updating
kernels in one OS doesn't screw around with my master grub
menus, each OS is self contained and free to update its own
copy of grub.conf or menu.1st (whatever that OS happens to
call it).

Now there are 2 systems that are booted by the F7 grub. I now have both F7-64 and F8 grubs set to boot from their /boot partitions. When I start the computer it defaults to booting F7. If I choose to I can stop this and boot either F7-64 or F8 by selecting them on the F7 grub list.
 This makes all three systems independent of each other. And the
updates go on as if the system turned on is the only one on this computer.


	Karl F. Larsen, AKA K5DI
	Linux User

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