Re: Fedora 8

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Mogens Kjaer wrote:

>> Updates only add/remove exact kernel versions and files (and the default
>> option). They do not modify other entries.
> What if I have a dual boot system, say with a i386 F7 and
> a x86_64 F7?
> The vmlinuz and initrd files don't have i386 or x86_64 in
> their names.

I guess that would be a special case.
Actually, I ran both on an AMD64 machine for some time,
with the same /boot partion, and had no problem.
Perhaps there was never a coincidence of versions?

I gave up the x86_64 version in the end,
as it didn't seem any better,
and there were several problems with it.
[This was a year of so ago.]

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