Re: What use are these (rpm) entries in 'man'?

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Chris G wrote:
> The problem is though that it returns (rpm) listings which are not
> commands.  My original posting was prompted by my attempt to find the
> names of commands that come with Docutils, so I entered 'man -k
> docutils' which returned:-
This is true even without the (rpm) listings. Using "man -k"
produces a lot of entries that are NOT command. Try running "apropos
fopen" or "apropos console.perms". I guess you could argue that
fopen is a C command, but it is not a system command, and you
indicated that you were only expecting system commands.

While the (rpm) results are not helpful to you, they are helpful to
others. A good indication of this is the request for enhancement
referenced by the link already posted, and the enhancement being
implemented. Others besides me have also indicated that they find it
useful. If they bother you, you can always filter them out. Using
something like:

apropos docutils | grep -v "(rpm)"

You could create a shell function or script to do this for you... Or
you can file a request for enhancement for an option for apropos to
add an option controlling the showing of (rpm) results.


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