Re: Fedora 7 'issues' (microphone)

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Michael Hartley wrote:

I'm trying to use Skype beta <>, under Fedora 7. My sound setup is :
ALSA driver 1.0.14, with card VIA 8235       and chip Realtek ALC650F.

Besides the fact that I often have to go to the mixer to set things up
properly, I find that even with Mic Boost (+20db) on, the sound is just not
loud enough. People at the other end have trouble hearing, unless I talk
very loudly.

It was ok under Fedora 4.

Does anyone have any suggestions I could try?

When you open the Volume control there are two Mixers, and one is the OSS Mixer. Go to recording and click on the mike below the Microphone slider. Now turn up the slider and you should be heard just fine.


	Karl F. Larsen, AKA K5DI
	Linux User

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