Re: Fedora May Be Killing Your Laptop's Hard Drive?

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:

>> deliberately using it) at boot time, or have a SMART daemon
>> configuration that throws up a warning about there being a very large
>> number of head parks within a short time period, the same as you get
>> warnings about read errors, etc., prompting users to reconfigure the
>> settings themselves, as best suited their own needs.
> Not a bad idea at all - file bug/send patches.

A little more on this, I found

it mentions

# hdparm -B 192 /dev/sda

for a similar Toshiba drive to mine, and sure enough it stops the
Load_Cycle count cranking up here along with the clicking I have
suddenly become extremely sensitized to.

Apparently you should stick it in /etc/rc.local to make it stick.


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