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On Fri, 2007-11-02 at 09:01 +1100, Lux Zhang wrote:
> Hi,
> I experienced a slow web page openning. When I try to open a web page
> eg, It starts 'looking up,
> this lasts more than 40 seconds then to start 'transfer from
> However, if I got the ip adddress of this, eg
> the 'looking up' lasts less than 2 seconds and start trasfer ...
> I guess it may relate to the ISP dns, apart from the ISP side, what
> else I can improve this?

Not much.  You should isolate DNS from possible load balancer issues at
the remote site.  Do several "host" or "dig" commands to see how long the DNS service really takes
to do the resolution.  If the DNS resolution is slow, then I'd file a
complaint with your ISP.

If the resolution is relatively speedy, then there's two additional
possibilities: bad routing from your ISP to aapt or aapt is using some
form of load balancing mechanism that's overburdened or not working
well.  Test the routing with several runs of traceroute.  If you see
routes that take too long, then I'd tell your ISP to check it.  If the
traceroutes look OK, then aapt's load balancer may be having issues.  In
that case, file a report with aapt since the problem's at their end.

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