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On Wed, 2007-10-31 at 20:35 +0200, Adrian Mazarache wrote:
> You have to upgrade the kmod-madwifi package to the same level as the
> kernel.
Yes, that's why livna provides:


those are supposed to the kernel module and the madwifi package.
Besides, if you try:
yum upgrade -y

You will see that, yum resolves deps for the kernel, these include both
packages listed above, if installed.

I have them installed right now, and kmod-madwifi.x86_64 is not loading.
I suspect the packager made a mistake.

> I use the latest madwifi driver from and rebuild the rpms
> every time I upgrade kernel packages. 

Yeah, that's an alternative; then again, with all due respect, why would
livna make those RPMs if we're just gonna compile? Why use RPMs overall?

Renich Bon Ciric <[email protected]>

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