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Dean S. Messing wrote:
If you do any graphic work, LCDs are crap.  The colours/shading/etc
change radically depending on your angle of view.
This is true of older Twisted Nematic LC panels but false for
many modern panels.

The viewing angle problem has been dramatically reduced in the past 3
years, esp. on high-end panels like (for example) Sharp Corp.  makes.
For example, Multi-domain Vertically Aligned (MVA) technology has very
nice angle properties---at the expense of LC response time.  (No free

The statement that LCDs "are crap" for serious graphics work is simply
not true any more.  High-end LC panels _far_ exceed CRTs in every
category (e.g., brightness, colour gamut, tone scale, MTF, dynamic
range) except response time, and with "overdrive" and the new
"flashing backlight" techniques on the horizon, even that barrier will
soon be gone.  CRT technology, like the vacuum tube in general, is
essentially dead.



Dean S. Messing
Sr. Scientist
Display Algorithms & Visual Optimization Lab
Sharp Laboratories of America


Could you post some info (or just your opinion) about LED backlights? Also, what's up with OLED technology?


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