Emacs / KDE bug?

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I just finished installing KDE on an up-to-date x86_64 F7 machine
on which I had originally excluded KDE.

M-x version w/in Emacs returns 22.1.1

I am seeing a window maximisation bug with Emacs running on the  KDE
desktop and am wondering if anyone else sees it.  

I'm not sure if this is Emacs or KDE.  When I maximise Emacs (say)
vertically with a middle mouse click on the middle top-right
"maximise" button in the Emacs title bar, the window maximises
vertically just fine.  But another click doesn't restore it's size.
Same for horizontal and full maximisation.

There's no such problem when I maximise the Konsole window.

In Gnome the Emacs maximise button doesn't seem to understand
vertical and horizontal maximisation but full max (left mouse click)
works properly.

Thus my confusion.


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