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On Sun, 2007-10-28 at 13:43 -0400, Claude Jones wrote:
> On Sun October 28 2007, Les Mikesell wrote:
> > But note that there is nothing remotely illegal about the nvidia driver,
> > nor would there be any problem with the fedora project distributing it
> > themselves if they had any reason to care about the user experience.
> I think any but the most recent members of this list have noted your position 
> on that subject, Les  ---  it would have been hard to miss   '>

If nVidia would allow it's driver to be distributed freely, that would
be a good thing. The Croquet project will not run as it should using the
yum-able versions of the nVidia drivers. Les has experienced the same
problem with Croquet, as we both have the 5200 card and only installing
the nVidia direct package will make it run as it is supposed to. We both
had openGL problems out the wazoo. The nVidia package fixes that. 

I have no clue exactly what is in the nVidia supplied package as opposed
to the ones from Livna or Freshrpms, but something (proprietary?)
apparently is missing and the application demands something not found in
the rpm versions. Back to the age-old "Right Thing" imperative, I have
to use what works. No apologies for that. 

You know me, Claude ...I bitched for months trying to figure out what
was wrong, before finally getting Croquet to run. When the solution
appeared, I was floored for wasting those months. While I'm grateful
that nVidia supports linux and offer a driver package, I hope that
nVidia will open their code, so this kinda stuff doesn't happen to
anyone else. I seriously doubt that they would lose one bit of their
sales. Ric

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