Re: Compile fails due to QT3 error

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Kevin Kofler wrote:

> Rex Dieter <rdieter <at>> writes:
>> Hmm, on the surface, that sounds way wrong, let me rephrase: With both
>> qt-devel and qt4-devel installed, qt/qt4 applications' configure/build
>> scripts often get confused if you're not careful.
> What build scripts get confused? I have both qt-devel and qt4-devel (and
> both kdelibs-devel and kdelibs4-devel) installed here, and I haven't seen
> anything picking the wrong Qt or KDE to build against.

Things looking for 'qmake' sometimes find the wrong one, expecting qt4's
qmake, and finding/using qt3's, or vice-versa.

-- Rex

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