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On Thu, 2007-10-25 at 23:52 +0700, Strong wrote:
> I got an old Epson's matrix printer connected to my laptop Dell
> Inspiron 1501 at usb port through a converting cable (from lpt port).
> Somehow with the help system-config-printer I have set it up to print.
> But it does not work always - and there are hard times when I need to
> print and I can not. I have noticed some magic with wither the cable is
> inserted into usb port on laptop start or not, was the printer turned
> on before the usb connector insertion or after, etc. From this magic
> depends whether I have printing or I am in trouble since it refuses to
> print. That is how it happens: I send to print from OO - the printer is
> set to be default device a window appears that it was sent to be
> printed, in KDE's printers (I use KDE) I see a job is hanging with
> status 'processing...' and the printer does nothing.
> So, what I want is:
> 1. Set it up the way it works *always*.
> 2. Tune it up with the margins printing.
> Here are some questions I've got with this:
> 1. Which tool to use: I have at least 2 in my F7 (upgraded from FC6):
> KDE's and the above mentioned system-config. Here is the problem: in
> system-config I can not specify the device - now it is set as
> usb://unknown/ Seems, it is /dev/usb/lp0 - but I do not how to set it
> up there - may hence the printer does not work. Seems it works through
> cups. In KDE's when it is fired up, informs that the printer has
> unknown to the tool params and they will not be modified - since the
> dilemma which tool to use.
> 2. How to specify (find out) the printer's device?
> Thanks for answ set up printers is through cuoers if any.
The most effective way to set up printers is through cups web interface
(localhost:631). That is as long as the web interface can reach an
appropriate printer driver. system-config-printer is not really the same

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