Re: Convert avi and vob files to ipod video format

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On Mon, 2007-10-22 at 19:42 -0400, Todd Zullinger wrote:
> Robert L Cochran wrote:
> > How can I convert either *.avi or *.vob files to a format that can
> > be synced to my new iPod Nano -- the wide one? 8 Gb.
> The new iPod's aren't yet working with any of the apps that use
> libgpod to communicate (Amarok, Gtkpod, Rhythmbox, Quod Libet, to name
> a few).  In order to sync to them, you need to build libgpod from it's
> Subversion repository and then rebuild your other applications with
> that new libgpod.  I know gtkpod works with the latest libgpod and I
> am fairly sure that amarok and rhythmbox do as well.
> I don't have access to one of the new iPod's, so I can't give you a
> first hand report that it all works.  If you go this route, check out
> the gtkpod lists on sourceforge to report problems or success.
> As far as converting video from various formats, I'm sure there are
> numerous methods you can use.  I used a script I found somewhere to do
> this a few times.  It popped up a little dialog asking you what file
> you wanted to convert, the video size to use (TV, Widescreen, DVD),
> and where to put the output.  I'll attach that script.  I converted
> it's dialogs from Spanish to English, but other than that I haven't
> used it since I downloaded it a year or so ago.
> Then it used ffmpeg to do the conversion.  You won't find ffmpeg in
> the standard repos.  It is available from a few 3rd party repos
> though.

also install 'mencoder' package which is part of of ffmpeg but packaged
separately. It does a better job for this purpose.

Craig White <[email protected]>

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