Re: F7, F7.92 install failed on C2D G33 platform

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Mitsuho Iizuka wrote:

 Installation both F7 and F7.92(F8 test3?) and Ubuntu Server 7.10
on Core2Duo w/ G33 ICH9R machine failed. W/ F7 and F7.92 I had to
try text install and got no X Window. Regarding w/ Ubuntu the problem
was almost same.
 * Must I get source code from with git,
   and recompile ?

Couldn't say, without more info on the peecee. Make, model would help. Also, the final messages.
Since you have the problem with f8test3, then the fedora-test is a good
place to talk about it, and if you're really really quick you might get
a usable bug report in in time for it to be fixed before the ISOs go out

 * Are there any easier way to install ?

 * Is that a way to buy another famous 3rd party graphics card ?
 * Which graphics card is recommended ? 8600GT or 2600Pro ?
We've not established the one you have doesn't work yet. Try the
fedora-test list, and give clear info about what hardware you have, in
case someone wants to buy a computer just like yours. (They won't, but
likely someone has one).
Oh, not test messages, okay? Subscribe if you need, compose your email
and send it. You'll see if it goes, and it's in your sent folder in case
you need to try again.



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