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On Monday 22 October 2007, Les Mikesell wrote:
>Gene Heskett wrote:
>>>> Trying to make samba work to the f7 on my lappy fails, I had to reverse
>>>> it and link from f7 to this machine, which did work.
>>>> My main question is "How do I tell samba/cifs to allow lengthy
>>>> passwords?"
>>> Since Samba is an SMB server, and cifs an SMB client, I have no idea
>>> which you're having problems with.  Can you describe more explicitly
>>> what you tried to do, and in what manner it failed?
>>>> My root password is too long unless entered interactively from the
>>>> keyboard. Where is the bottleneck?
>>> How else would you enter a password?
>> How about in a custom /etc/init.d/asmb file, so I can do a 'service asmb
>> lappyup' and the lappy, if present on the network, will be mounted as a
>> cifs share on /mnt/lappy?  If its defined as
>> user=somebody,passwd=somebodies-long-password in the mount.cifs command in
>> that script, its said to be too long, and it is nearly 20 characters long.
>> However, if I cat the line from the file, copy & paste it but without the
>> passwd portion and exec it, it then asks me for it, and its fine with that
>> long a passwd from the interactive shell.  Why can't I put it in the
>> script?
>Have you tried using the credentails=  variation of the command with the
>user and password stored in a separate file?
No I haven't Les, figuring that would tend to suffer the same fate.  I saw 
that option however, and I'll try to remember that when I next need it.

Thank you.

Cheers, Gene
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