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10:52pm Antonio said:

2007/10/21, Curtis Doty <[email protected]>:
10:29pm Antonio said:

But I have a question: if eth1 is defined to get IP address from
network (i.e. the modem) why

What makes you sure the modem is what gave it an address?

        tail -n14 /var/lib/dhc*/dhclient-eth1.leases

tail -n14 /var/lib/dhc*/dhclient-eth1.leases
lease {
 interface "eth1";
 option subnet-mask;
 option routers;
 option dhcp-lease-time 60;
 option dhcp-message-type 5;
 option domain-name-servers;
 option dhcp-server-identifier;
 renew 0 2007/10/21 20:52:09;
 rebind 0 2007/10/21 20:52:35;
 expire 0 2007/10/21 20:52:43;

Indeed. Your upstream/ISP appears to be running your service bridged
rather than routed. I'd be more concerned about why they're only giving
you only a 60 second lease. Have you asked them?

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