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Robert P. J. Day wrote:
> the GRUB code in the MBR doesn't jump to the stage 1.5 code
> immediately.  from memory (a long while back), more of GRUB is
> installed in the remaining 20K of the hard drive after the MBR.  i
> (vaguely) remember this when *i* was wondering how the hell GRUB
> worked, and i perused the source of the grub install command.  that's
> where i noticed more GRUB code being written to offset 1K -> 20K of
> the hard drive.
> in any event, /sbin/grub-install is a shell script on fedora, so it's
> readable.
> rday
I believe that is where the stage 1.5 code is stored. The 1.5 stage
is sort of a bridge between stage 1 and stage 2, that lets stage 2
be read from the file system supported by the specific stage 1.5.
This is why there are different stage 1.5s. Each version supports a
specific file system type.


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