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Gene Heskett wrote:

Many (most?) motherboards only see 2 disks in the boot process, although
they may let you select from a larger number of choices which order to
try.  So you may have trouble using anything higher than hd1 - which
again refers to what bios is using, not a particular ide position.  And
you may have non-bootable disks that have no bios driver at all, but
which linux will use normally.
I have been under the impression that if the bios scan found them, they were
in fact usable, is this incorrect?
I'm not a bios expert and what I've seen hasn't been consistent enough
to generalize, but in the best circumstances the bios will see a list of
available devices and let you pick the order to try booting them. Since
add-in cards supply their own bios, this may be at the card level or it
may actually see the individual attached devices. I'm not sure how the
rest of the disks are mapped after one starts to boot - or if all
machines do it the same way.
  Les Mikesell
   [email protected]

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