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Les Mikesell wrote:
Karl Larsen wrote:

The problem is that the pdf is the exact copy of info grub. It is written by the guys who wrote Grub. It is very hard to read and contains no examples of how you USE Grub. This was my original problem with Grub. When I decided to put /boot and /home in their own partitions I discovered that the Grub docs stink. I want a better user document for Grub.
The things that are confusing are that grub only knows about one
partition, which is the one where it is loading its config, ramdisk
and the kernel from, so this is naturally the root while grub is
booting, and it knows it only by bios conventions, since bios is the
only way it can access anything before the kernel loads.
Actually grub uses two root messages. The root (hd0,0) is one and on the end of the kernel line is a root=/dev/sda5 which is where the system lives.

Since grub isn't Linux specific, the docs and commands don't use Linux device name conventions even when they could (for the install steps). Also, /etc/grub.conf is a symlink for convenience just to match typical Linux conventions for where you expect config files to be. The real copy of this file has to be in /boot/grub/. When you try to move your /boot partition around or have alternates, the symlink can end up pointing at a different place than the one actualy used during booting.
Here is my experiance. I copied all of /boot from /dev/sda5 to /dev/sda6 and then worked on /grub/grub.conf until I got over kernel panic and such stuff. I deleted the /boot directory.
 I got a kernel update but I soon saw it was not working. Then I
learned I need to mount /dev/sda6 to /boot. Since the update re-made
/boot that was easy :-)
 Then I made /dev/sda7 for my karl which is my user name. I did that
without even reading grub because it is not covered. I just had to write
in fstab and it works just fine.
 These are the things you do not find in the grub manual or other
files, so it makes it hard.


	Karl F. Larsen, AKA K5DI
	Linux User

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