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On Tue, Oct 16, 2007 at 02:34:39PM +0200, Demeter Tibor wrote:
>  Dear Listmembers !
>  How can i reduce my LVM logical volume from 1.6 TB to 1.3 TB safely ? I 
>  using ext3 filesystem on this volume and i never should yet this.
>  I know my friend is the lvreduce, but how can i reduce the ext3 filesystem 
>  without datalossing.

You need to first reduce the filesystem size with the command resize2fs.

Make sure the filesystem is unmounted (use a rescue cd, if necessary,
but be advised that lvm commads be then prefixed with "lvm "), force
fsck on it (e2fsck -f device), then run resize2fs new_size_in_fs_blocks.

The value of fs_blocks is usually 4096, but depends on the filesystem.
You can find the correct value with dumpe2fs device | grep size:
Block size:               4096

Afterwards, do the lvm lvresize device -L $((new_size_in_fs_blocks*4))k


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