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On 10/4/07, Jacques B. <[email protected]> wrote:
> > So I turned off sshd but that didn't stop the problem. I am getting hit
> > several times a second by someone. I would sure like to at least know
> > the IP they are from.
> >
> >         Karl F. Larsen, AKA K5DI
I should have mentioned. One possible cause for lots of noise in your
logs is Peer to Peer.  If you have a dynamic IP then you may have
ended up with an IP that was assigned to little Johnny 2 days ago who
was running file sharing on a P2Pnetwork.  So that IP got populated in
the supernodes (computers that have the list of files shared by a
number of other computers, including their IP).  So you may be getting
a bunch of people running querries on a P2P network and hitting on a
file that was being hosted by little Johnny.  So when they request
that file via their P2P application the network tries to get it from
that IP which is now assigned to your machine.

Of course that noise would be very different than a SSH hack attempt.

If you provide us with the logs (or at least tell us in which logs you
are seeing the activity) it will help others in providing more
accurate advice or opinions.

Jacques B.

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