Gnome panel lost most icons...AGAIN

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This is a recurring problem, but the intervals are relatively long. This time it's about a month since the last time I experienced it. Sometimes it takes longer for it to show up again.

I use a single panel on the right side of the screen, have applets, icons and drawers on it. This time I removed the Tomboy icon from the panel. An error message appeared telling me that there was some error with the configuration files, and that the panel may not display correctly. Most of the icons disappeared, including all drawers.

In gnome-config section /apps/panel/toplevels all entries for the drawers are still present, but in section /apps/panel/objects they are gone.

I've found bug reports about something similar, so I'll try and see if it helps to go that route, though it seems to be an old problem.

My question here is: Is there a way that I can make a backup of the working setup and bring it back if this happens again?

Frode Petersen

List of objects involved (I don't know if this helps any, but..)

The objects that remained were: clock, workspace switcher, PanelFM, Window list, Notification area, NetworkManager icon, System monitor CPU frequency monitor and volume control.

The ones that disappeared were: Main menu, 8 drawers with quite a few icons in them, terminal, lock screen.

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