Re: Removing Labels from fstab

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Karl Larsen wrote:
R. G. Newbury wrote:
Fedora 8rc2 like Fedora 6 and 7 uses labels in fstab.

Anyone have any thoughts on what happens if I just replace the labels with /dev/sdaXX references?
Those who like labels will say use labels for everything. I do not like them so I got rid of them all and did just what you are doing. Works fine as expected.
When I upgraded from FC4 to F7, aside from dealing with the
renaming of the drive device files (I have both IDE and SATA
drives), I got some message that I interpreted to mean that
partition labeling was required, even after adjusting the
device names referenced in fstab to reflect the newly assigned
device names.  Only my root partition was labeled, so I had
to assign labels and modify the fstab to get everything else

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