Recos for ADSL2+ NICs?

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Anyone have recommendations for a PCI (3.3V) ADSL2+ NIC that is well supported on Linux, can do RFC-1481 bridging/routing, and is confirmed to work with Verizon residential DSL?
I've been using a Westell 6100, but their NAT and Firewall
implementations are crap, the box is unreliable, and it's hard to debug.
Plus you can't do static NAT mappings for port-forwarding of individual
services to particular NAT'd hosts...
And their support is a nightmare. Verizon points fingers at Westell,
and Westell says, "Don't look at us: it's an OEM roduct specifically for
Verizon. They support it directly themselves [yeah, right]."
So "rolling my own" CPE seems to be the only viable solution. I *know*
I can do better with ipchains...

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