Re: (fedora) Re: sending ASCII file with mail command (Fedora : OK ; OpenSuse : problem)

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Mark Knoop wrote on 25-SEP-2007 16:00:17.13
>Jacob (=Jouk) Jansen wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I try to send an E-mail with the content of an ASCII file as the
>> body. I do this with the following command mail -s subj
>> [email protected] < licinfo.txt
>> When I give the command on a Fedora (several versions tested) the
>> E-mail is recieved with the expected text in the body. If I give the
>> command on an OpenSuse 10.2 system An E-mail which is unreadable is
>> recieved at the other end.
>1. Are you sure the file (licinfo.txt) is _exactly_ the same on both
>systems? (Try "file licinfo.txt" on both and compare the results.)
sure . I sftp'd the file from one system to the other
When "cat" the file it looks OK

>2. Are the locale settings the same on both systems?
Should be checked. However mail should be independent since you do not know
anything of the recieving system

>3. Define unreadable. What _exactly_ is wrong with the email?
Just a bunch of "random" characters.

>4. Perhaps the OpenSuse list would be a better place for this?
Agreed. Note that I posted it there and send an CC to the Fedora list.
Guess, who answers first and wgy I love Fedora so much and do not like my
university forcing Opensuse on me.


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