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Aaron Konstam wrote:
> On Tue, 2007-09-25 at 11:46 +0100, Mark Knoop wrote:
>> Aaron Konstam wrote:
>> > It was recently revealed, at least to me, that the reason :
>> > man cdrecord does no work is that cdrecord is a softlink to wodim.
>> > 
>> > Now my local ubantu person point out in ubantu running man cdrecord
>> > returns the man page of modim. This he attributes to ubantu being more
>> > carefull about details,
>> > 
>> > First is this true about ubantu and is it worthwhile to file a bugzilla
>> > RFE on man to get fedora to mirror this functionality. It seems on the
>> > surface a simple extension to implement so I wonder why it was not done
>> > in Fedora.
>> This was discussed less than a week ago on both this list and
>> subsequently on fedora-devel.
>> See
>> BTW, it's ubuntu, not ubantu...
> You are right I can'r spell. But it seems to me the bugzilla you
> referenced has the wrong slant. I assume what ubuntu does is that man
> detects the softlinkm and follows it. That is what should be done in
> Fedora. The bug is now closed so I can't add a comment which is
> frustrating.

I think your interpretation is incorrect. man does not look for the
binary and then follow that to the appropriate documentation. You will
see that Ubuntu has a cdrecord package [1] which is "a dummy package to
ease the transition to wodim, the fork of cdrecord. It provides a
cdrecord symlink to wodim for compatibility purposes." Its file list is
as follows:


I see you have now added your suggestion to the bug.


Mark Knoop

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