Re: How to mail the name of the user that logged off?

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Hi Frank,

On Tue, 2007-09-25 at 01:09 -0600, Frank Cox wrote:
> Fair enough.  But I think your users habits would have little in common with a
> majority of today's Fedora users.
> As the default shell on Fedora and Red Hat systems, the inertia factor alone
> makes most folks just use bash and leave it at that.

You are, of course correct. The issue, however, is not which shell is
used by the majority of users, but how to have a command run when a user
logs out. You as much as admit the problem when you say "a majority" and
"most". Putting it in ~/.bash_logout will not guarantee this because
there is no guarantee that all users are using/will continue to use

> I suppose one could remove all alternative shells from Fedora and in
> that way
> force people to use bash, if it was really an important objective.

That would work, so long as the user doesn't modify ~/.bash_logout. Or
put the same command in the logout scripts used by the other available
shells (again, this could break if the user modifies those files).

Oh, you don't have to actually remove the other shells, just
edit /etc/shells - it controls which shells users are allowed to choose.

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