Re: SELinux

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David wrote-

> Your rants about SELinux are also seen by Linux Newbies, Fedora Newbies if
> you will, the people that come to this list looking for help. And they,
> IMHO, are given a really bad first impression by what you rant.

 I (newbie) have f7 with SELinux on and its faster then it was with my
previous OS. So no harm done, I probably don't need it active and might
see improvements in performance if not installed but it was actually
part of the reason I picked fedora. You can all thank my last OS for
that. In fact I will too. That said, I am glad to here the rants, they
give me a broader view of the things this OS is used for and the
problems facing people attempting those things. I can learn just as much
from another persons failure as I can my own, only it doesn't hurt as

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