Re: Network Install Not Working - yet another broken 3COM incident

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Kip Thomas wrote:
Hello Gurus:

Something had changed since FC6 and F7; I am no longer able to do a
networkinstall using a couple of 3COM cards.

I was able to in prior releases using the same set of hardware.  I have a
ThinkPad T21.  I used a couple of 3COM
cards (3C589D, 3CXE589ET).  These are very standard cards included in the
boot..iso images.

When installing F7 and F8 Test 1, I'm presented with a screen to insert
drivers.  The boot log said the PCMCIA card
is detected.  I also recall loading the driver separately and got some sort
of socket memory error.

Any discussion appreciated.  Thanks

I can't help with your problem. I can let you know that I feel your frustration since a 3COM card that I used from RHL 5.2 until the breakage failed to work at some point. I changed the card but tried to aid in the detection of the breakage for a long time.

Since the cards are changeable without much physical effort, I would get a card other than the 3COM brand. It really is lousy that some cards get broken and never repaired resulting to further development in the kernel.


Linux - because software problems should not cost money.

   -- Shlomi Fish

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